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lookfindme Founder

"Necessity is the mother of invention"

Plato, The Republic

Welcome to lookfindme and thank you for visiting my website.

My name is Leeanne and I am a former owner of a busy salon and spa in the heart of Times Square New York.

Having recently arrived from my native Australia, I began my plan to build and develop a successful and enjoyable business. Not long into this challenge I found myself constantly frustrated with trying to find the right staff that were specifically suited to my business needs and future plans for growth. Depending on circumstances, I may have needed a full time replacement, part time or even casual jobseekers to help out with special events like weddings and spa parties. I also discovered that staff are constantly looking for extra work or new positions and they too are wanting the best fit for them. What to do…how do I resolve this? I remember spending countless hours researching but found no specific online platforms or websites with my needs in mind. Plenty of job boards, and resume grabbers but that’s it! I certainly know how unrewarding these types of sites can be!

It is for this very reason that I decided to develop my own solution to this problem and the unique lookfindme was born. I call it "your job matchmaker" and that’s exactly what it is! Purposely designed from the ground up with powerful abilities and using our proprietary matching algorithm called LEYA®, lookfindme has one goal and one focus….to match people to jobs! It will find people for work and work for people. That’s it, pure and simple. It’s a custom fit, efficient and easy to use job matching website that serves both employers and job seekers. And….it is always working behind the scenes 24/7 to find the best matches for everyone.

Job seekers simply upload their profile and requirements for work which employers can then search in real time and invite to contact them. But it doesn’t end there because lookfindme’s patented technology is constantly working in the background around the clock to serve both employer and jobseeker to provide the very best quality matches. Initially, lookfindme was devised and tested in the Salon and Spa space but after countless discussions with friends and other business owners it became obvious very quickly that this type of "job matchmaker" was needed in a multitude of work environments. So, with a little tweaking, lookfindme now caters for many different types of industries across the depth and breadth of the United States.

lookfindme will give business owners the ability and opportunity to grow their businesses the way they want using staff that are perfectly matched and suited to their needs!

lookfindme is innovative and dynamic. In the digital and online world of complicated and difficult to use websites, lookfindme is a breath of fresh air and a pleasure to use. Simple and effective. No countless pages, no multiple links. You will not be disappointed, and you know what….it was created by a real person. lookfindme is a genuine solution finder for those in need. It’s the humanised process of looking for and finding work. Its revolutionary and as easy as LOOK.......... FIND………... ME!

Wife, Mother, Business Owner and founder of lookfindme.

Using our proprietary matching algorithm called LEYA®, lookfindme is a powerful job matchmaker that connects job seekers and employers. It is solely web based and uses LEYA® to identify job opportunities and availabilities in many industry sectors across the United States. lookfindme is laser focused and finds and identifies employers looking for staff and jobseekers wanting work now and in real time! No fake or out-dated posts and no time wasting. With lookfindme an uploaded resume doesn’t speak for you - you do! It’s all about removing the systems and processes that get in the way and returning to human interaction and communication.

Unlike other related sites, lookfindme is not a job board or job posting site. It does not require extensive online applications via applicant tracking systems or resume submissions. Because we use our specifically designed matching algorithm LEYA®, lookfindme simply requires jobseekers to provide a real online profile that details exactly what type of work they are looking for and what their availability and preferred location is. They have full control to set the parameters that suits them! Employers then can create precise and targeted searches that seeks out these details. When a match occurs the hiring process can commence. Like I said, no resumes, no waiting for phone calls! It’s a true and complete job “matchmaking” service that is purely designed to find people for work, work for people…that’s it!

Firstly, all users of lookfindme must register on the site. This is a common requirement and it helps us ensure that all users are real and genuine. Job seekers will then create their profile in as many industry groups they choose. Profiles will include details such as occupation, skills, area availability and a host of other criteria. A photo can be included to make the whole experience more personal if preferred. Employers will create a profile also, and then will be able to conduct real time searches for job seekers that suit their needs based on skill sets and availability. The results are then “matched” and employers will be notified by email and text (optional) of potential candidates. Discussions between both parties can then commence! lookfindme is always working for you 24/7 delivering matches and letting you know. How easy is that, just sit back and relax, lookfindme has your back!

lookfindme will allow you to search for real jobseekers actively seeking work in real time. Not only that, it allows you to search for those jobseekers using specific criteria that is relevant and important to your business needs. Even when you are not actively searching, lookfindme does it for you in the background and will seamlessly let you know when jobseeker matches are found.

On many occasions I would need staff at the salon to work a certain group of days or I would be looking for someone with a particular skill set to render services to specific clients. Other times, I simply needed a full time replacement. In order to find staff, I would once again resort to placing a job post online and then start waiting. Suffice to say, I was never successful and ultimately my business suffered. Had something like lookfindme been around, I would have conducted a custom and targeted search for jobseekers highlighting the exact things my business required. This is the right way to find staff perfectly matched to my needs but also, it allows jobseekers to have the same flexibility as well because their specific work needs are also being realized. It’s a win win for both parties! lookfindme is simply the better way for people to find work and for work to find people. It’s true "job matchmaking".

Please refer to our Membership Plans for Employers & Jobseekers. Employers, your first month is always free and then plans start for as low as $9.95 per month! No conditions or contracts! Jobseekers are always free to join, no conditions or contracts! I have deliberately kept fees as low as possible to help with everyone’s budget whilst also ensuring that the user experience will be the same for all regardless of the membership tier you happen to choose.

Not at all. Everyone is able to cancel at any time with no conditions or penalties.

The key to success here will be in the strength and clarity of your profile. The profile is deliberately designed not to be lengthy and over worded like resumes can be. It’s lean and gets straight to the point with the right information. Be straightforward and honest with the skills you have and what you can bring to the business and how you can shine! As an employer, I liked to see this and it helps me get the best fit for my business. By following this simple approach, the chances of getting a job will be greatly enhanced.

lookfindme is very committed to its matching system and would rather give members no matches than to give matches that are inappropriate or invalid. There is no point in wasting members’ time and effort. Having said that, there exists no valid reason why matches would not occur if all information is entered correctly during the profile upload and search phases. Just remember though, that sometimes it may take some time for matches to be realised. I am always available to discuss your concerns and perhaps help you with the process.

During your profile completion, lookfindme will ask you to include the zip code for where you wish to work and be considered. As this is a United States wide platform, it is totally up to you where you want your profile to be searched. Whether that be local, or a sea change to Honolulu, lookfindme me will match you with the best opportunities based on your location preference.

Check your email and monitor your phone! As lookfindme connects you to employers, they may contact you at anytime. Employers may receive multiple matches so as the saying goes, “the early bird catches the worm” so act fast! Jump on opportunities quick because if you don’t, that dream job may go to someone else!

Contact them all and see who responds most positively, especially if all matches are identical and match exactly what you are looking for. The more the merrier. It’s a good situation to be in and something I craved for after using multiple job boards with no success.

All information you input to lookfindme is safe and will be secured by encrypted protocols to prevent misuse. Lookfindme is a secure website and only uses tried and tested online security and identity protection measures. lookfindme will also NEVER forward member emails to third parties. Our security software will also ensure you do not receive spam email from third party recruiters.

When creating lookfindme I wanted to ensure that it was as personal as I could make it. I think people generally are tired and frustrated by the anonymous and faceless people behind websites that make it so difficult to make meaningful contact. After all, work is a very important and critical part of our lives so the act of finding work needs to reflect this. Sending in resumes and responding to generic jobs boards simply doesn’t cut it!

As part of your membership to lookfindme, always feel free to email me and I will gladly respond as soon as I can. Just please keep in mind that due to different time zones across the country, I may take a little bit longer to get back to you…but I will!